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After the successful invasion of Normandy beginning on June 6, 1944, the Allied forces had a new issue deal with- how to get supplies to troops pushing ever further into Europe? As part of the solution, supplies were prioritized so that less important supplies were not taking up space and time when more important supplies […]

During World War I the world’s military forces learned the benefits of airpower during battle. In World War II, those benefits became the primary mode of fighting in many theaters of war. The Germans learned in WWI to strike quickly and decisively with their air force and then send in the ground troops to clean […]

Allan Scott, one of the last Spitfire pilots who flew over Malta to protect it from bombers during World War II has passed away at the age of 99 years old. A squadron leader for the Royal Air Force, Scott is best remembered for his part in Operation Pedestal when RAF pilots protected ships with […]

A Cold War-era jet which has stood at the entrance to RAF Marham base in Norfolk will be scrapped. The base offered to give the jet to anyone who could restore it but no one with the capability to do so came forward to accept the offer. When introduced in 1950, the Handley Page Victor […]

The RAF Museum began an Adopt an Artifect program in July. The program allows everyone an opportunity to adopt one of 50 iconic items in the museum’s collection. Each has been chosen for the story it tells about the RAF. Chelsea FC has taken this opportunity to continue its “Hidden Heroes” work with the museum by adopting […]

The “Memphis Belle” has long been recognized as the first US bomber in World War II to complete 25 missions with her crew intact. The B-17 had an almost storybook career. She served two tours and had zero losses in spite of nearly the entire plane being replaced over time due to damage. But there […]

There is an old saying about “men and their toys,” that even growing up doesn’t stop some of them from collecting them toys, no matter how adolescent their purchases may seem to some. There is another old saying along the same lines, about “rich men and their toys,” a saying that insists some men become […]