Articles by Jesse:

The V-1 flying bomb was the first operational cruise missile, and was used by Germany during WW2. It was also the first in the series of ‘vengeance weapons’ developed by the Nazis; unique and advanced creations that were designed to cause retaliatory destruction on enemy cities from long ranges. 1)  The name V-1 stands Vergeltungswaffe-1 […]

The German Ju-87 Stuka was a purpose built dive bomber and ground attack aircraft, designed in the early 1930s. It first flew in 1935 and was an innovative and unique design. At the time its speed and manoeuvrability were acceptable, but by mid-late WW2 standards they were woefully outclassed by more modern aircraft. Despite this, […]

Since mans first powered flight in the United States in 1903, the US has heavily invested in military aircraft, creating countless pioneering planes and pushing the boundaries in the field of aviation. The US has produced some of the most expensive aircraft in history. This is a wise investment too, as the aerial might of […]

Fast, unique looking and carrying devastating firepower, the Lockheed P-38 Lightning was a truly fascinating aircraft. All aircraft have their odd quirks and lesser known features, and the P-38 was no different. Here are ten facts you may not have known about the P-38 Lightning. 1) The P-38 was the first US fighter able to […]

The chaos of combat can sometimes be used to your advantage, or be the source of great difficulty on the battlefield. It can lead to miscommunication, poor decision making and confusion. One such confusion that often occurs in combat, is correctly identifying the enemy and their equipment. From 800 meters away, a camouflaged tank doesn’t […]

The Soviets designed and built the enormous Kalinin K-7 in the early 1930s as an experimental aircraft that if accepted into production, would have served as a cargo aircraft, bomber and troop transport. It had a strange layout of seven engines, twin booms, and underwing pods that housed the landing gear and defensive turrets. It […]

The P-51 Mustang is undeniably one of, if not the most iconic aircraft of World War Two. It was the first Allied aircraft that merged speed, agility and firepower with extremely long range, being able to fly further than any of its contemporaries, and wreak havoc when it arrived. The single seat fighter was developed […]

It was hoped that the Boeing 17 Flying Fortress bomber could defend itself against enemy interceptors with its and guns and turrets, without the need for a fighter escort on large, long-range bombing runs. The B-17 was armed to the teeth, packing 13 .50 caliber machine guns in 9 different positions around the aircraft; it […]

During World War Two there were thousands of different types of aircraft flown, but not all of these would go down in history as legendary warbirds. One such legendary aircraft however was the North American B-25 Mitchell. The twin engine medium bomber served extensively in a wide variety of missions, including both high and low […]

One of the most distinctive aircraft of WWII was the Heinkel He 111 bomber. Its distinctive shape, prominence in footage from the period, and participation in the Blitz meant it has since become a symbol of the Nazi war machine. It was a bomber from the beginning, but was designed in the early 1930s at […]

The AC-47 Spooky was the first in a line of a new type of aircraft called gunships, that were designed to fly at low altitude and speeds, providing accurate and intense firepower against targets on the ground. The platform to carry this firepower was the Douglas C-47 Skytrain, an ageing WWII era transport aircraft that […]

Boulton Paul Defiant The Defiant was a strange aircraft, without any forward firing armament. The secret weapon of the Defiant was its rear turret. It was originally designed to intercept bombers, with the pilot positioning the aircraft and the gunner firing on the enemy. It was thought splitting the two tasks would allow each one […]