Articles by Jesse:

The Nakajima Ki-43 Hayabusa was a fragile, slow and lightly armed land based fighter aircraft flown by the Imperial Japanese Army Air Service during World War II. Despite these drawbacks, the Ki-43 had a fearsome reputation for its extreme manoeuvrability and brilliant rate of climb, making it a tough match in a dogfight. The Allies’ […]

Along with the Spitfire, the Avro Lancaster has become a symbol not only of the Allied victory in WWII, but of British pride. The four engine Merlin powered bomber carried more bombs than its American counterpart – the B-17 Flying Fortress, and wasn’t much shy of the next generation B-29 Superfortress. From a purely bomber […]

Here are 15 quickfire B-29 Superfortress facts – do you know them? 1) 3,970 B-29s were produced between 1943 and 1946. 2) It was one of the first military aircraft to feature a pressurized cabin. 3) The fuselage was designed as a cylinder, a shape more capable of handling pressurization 4) The B-29 was capable […]

This video is a brief but detailed tour of the interior of the CASA 2.111, a derivative of the Heinkel He 111 built under license in Spain during World War II. This aircraft was the only flying He 111/CASA 2.111 on the planet, until it crashed in 2003, resulting in its complete destruction. The CASA […]

The B-17 Flying Fortress was famous for being able to take a lot of damage and still make it back to base. Here, we have collected some incredible images of damaged B-17 Flying Fortresses that made it home. During WWII 12,732 B-17’s were produced between 1935 and May 1945. Of these 4,735 were lost in […]

The Tupolev Tu-28 or Tu-128 was a Soviet long-range interceptor that first flew in the 1960s, and has the distinction of the being the biggest fighter to ever enter service, and the heaviest at the time it served. The Tu-28 was given the NATO reporting name ‘Fiddler’. The idea for this aircraft was born in […]

In the years preceding the Second World War, Focke-Wulf, a civil and military aircraft manufacturer, had established themselves as one of the leading companies in the industry. They designed and built some cutting edge designs that would contribute to the German success in the early years of the war. The company is most well known […]

The He 162 Salamander was a later fighter, built with the hopes of bringing victory to Germany even when the writing was clearly on the wall. These desperate attempts at salvation were usually rushed and unfinished, causing them to be even less effective and dooming their war even further. The He 162 was one of […]

These Video Images Are From The Kingman, Arizona Aviation Graveyard (1947- 1948) where surplus aircraft came to be scrapped. It’s called ‘The Treasured Collection Of Heartbreaking Photos’. The video is by Ramo Vegas. After World War II, the Reconstruction Finance Corporation setup five huge centers for the storage, sale and scrapping of ex-Air Force aircraft. […]

Its easy to associate World War II with black and white colours, almost as if that was the true appearance of the world back then. We are all familiar with monochrome photos of the war, and some of the most powerful and famous images taken during the conflict were of this type. It is all […]

The Hawker Typhoon was a great Second World War aircraft, but it never lived up to its designs intentions. It was intended to be a medium to high altitude interceptor, but the Typhoon would never see this role during its service with the RAF. Instead, it would slide into a few niche roles, roles this […]

The Focke-Wulf Fw 190 is widely considered to be the best fighter aircraft produced by the Germans during World War II, and even one of the best fighters produced by any nation during the war. It was a truly feared aircraft, and rightly so. Like many WWII fighters, its origins began in the 1930s. The […]