Articles by Jesse:

Is it a plane? Is it a boat? No! It’s a plane boat! This odd, interesting looking creation is that of an old 1930s era airliner, itself a unique machine, converted into a water-going boat. The aircraft fuselage used is that of a Boeing 307 Stratoliner, a truly advanced aeroplane built on the basis of […]

Some incredible weapons, machines and aircraft were designed by the United States to help win World War Two. While these were great on the battlefield, once the war had ended, these creations became redundant, and were scrapped in huge numbers. This mass of spare equipment quickly found its way into civilian hands, who made use […]

The Republic P-47 is one of the most iconic American aircraft from World War Two. Forming the backbone of the U.S. Air Force, it was the most produced U.S. fighter, with well over 15,000 being built. The P-47 was not only the most produced U.S. fighter, it was also the heaviest. A fully loaded weight […]