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In 1923 the US Air Force challenged the US Navy that a fleet of MB-2 biplane bombers would be able to destroy target warships. The challenge was accepted. A recently digitized video uploaded to YouTube shows the ingenious, if environmentally horrendous means employed by the air force. An early proponent of the airplane’s power, Army […]

Manfred von Richthofen, aka “The Red Baron”, was a legend of World War I. His exploits as a flying ace put him in the history books. But why was he so respected, and feared? And where did he get the nickname Red Baron from in the first place? Here is his surprising story… He was […]

Authorities in Poland are preparing to neutralize a World War II-era bomb found in the water of the Piastowski Canal in Świnoujście which is located in northwestern Poland. The bomb was discovered during dredging work in September 2019. It has been identified as a Tall Boy bomb, one of the largest bombs used in WWII, […]