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The Tupolev Tu-4 technically originate to the decade before WWII, which was a time of extraordinary aeronautical design development for the US military. The B-17 Flying Fortress and the B-24 Liberator both played a key role in the Battle for Europe, but a bigger, better, longer range bomber, the Boeing B-29 Superfortress was on its […]

During World War II, manufacturers around the globe partook in history’s greatest production effort, making some of the most produced vehicles in history. Factories went from building automobiles, to building hundreds of bombers per month. At its peak, the Ford Willow Run plant was finishing a B-24 every 60 minutes! The numbers nations can produce […]

Humans have existed on Earth for around six million years, and it is strange to think that for only 0.001% of that time, humans have known powered air travel, after the first powered flight of a heavier than air craft by the Wright brothers in 1903. This great invention immediately changed the world, significantly reducing […]

John Buchan

Night Witches: When Germany invaded the Soviet Union during World War II in 1941, they expected that their superior technology and the success they had thus far in quickly occupying territory would lead to a similar quick defeat of the Soviets. But the Soviets proved fierce defenders of their motherland. Part of that tough resistance […]