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Awesome Aircraft From WWII

Boulton Paul Defiant The Defiant was a strange aircraft, without any forward firing armament. The secret weapon of the Defiant was its rear turret. It was originally designed to intercept bombers, with the pilot positioning the aircraft and the gunner firing on the enemy. It was thought splitting the two tasks would allow each one […]

Avro Lancaster – One of the Most Capable Bombers of the War in 20 Images


Along with the Spitfire, the Avro Lancaster has become a symbol not only of the Allied victory in WWII, but of British pride. The four engine Merlin powered bomber carried more bombs than its American counterpart – the B-17 Flying Fortress, and wasn’t much shy of the next generation B-29 Superfortress. From a purely bomber […]

Red Stone Commemorates Veteran Red Army Pilots Who Trained in Scotland

John Buchan

To passersby in the Scottish village of Errol, the appearance of an otherworldly red stone on the grounds of the Parish Church this past week might spark more than a little curiosity. The stone, cut from an enormous block of Karelian Shoksha quartzite, was mined in northwest Russia and cut to size before being shipped […]

Pilot Gets Chance to Live Dream to Fly Spitfire

John Buchan

WWII pilot Bernard Gardiner joined the Royal Air Force in 1940 when he was just 18 years old. He flew Hawker Hurricanes and Hawker Typhoons during the war but always hoped to fly a Spitfire. Unfortunately, he never had the chance. That is, he hadn’t had the chance until October 3rd this year when the […]

Son of RAF Hero Locates Hampden From His Father’s Squadron

John Buchan

London-based actor John Watts never met his father.  One month into his mother’s pregnancy in the summer of 1940, his father’s Hampden bomber collided with a barrage balloon on its way back to the airfield after flying a sortie from Lincolnshire to support ground troops across the Channel on the 13th of June. The balloon, […]

From Interceptor to Aero Legend – 16 Facts About the Hawker Typhoon


The Hawker Typhoon was a great Second World War aircraft, but it never lived up to its designs intentions. It was intended to be a medium to high altitude interceptor, but the Typhoon would never see this role during its service with the RAF. Instead, it would slide into a few niche roles, roles this […]

34 Great Colour Images of Brit Birds!


Millions of poignant black-and-white photos have come out of the World War Two era, but it is not often that the deadliest conflict in human history can be seen in colour images. Below are just a handful of colour images of aircraft taken during the war.                   […]

The Top 10 Most Produced Aircraft of WWII

During World War II, manufacturers around the globe partook in history’s greatest production effort, making some of the most produced vehicles in history. Factories went from building automobiles, to building hundreds of bombers per month. At its peak, the Ford Willow Run plant was finishing a B-24 every 60 minutes! The numbers nations can produce […]

19 Awesome Images of WWII Warbirds Cutting the Grass

Humans have existed on Earth for around six million years, and it is strange to think that for only 0.001% of that time, humans have known powered air travel, after the first powered flight of a heavier than air craft by the Wright brothers in 1903. This great invention immediately changed the world, significantly reducing […]

5 Sopwith Fighters From WWI in 35 images


During World War I, the Sopwith Aviation Company was one of the most important manufacturers of aircraft. They created some of the best aircraft during of the war, and also supplied the planes to other nations involved in the conflict. Pup By early in 1916, the Germans were controlling the skies over the Western Front. […]

RAF Bomber Command Memorial Daubed With Paint by Drunken Woman

John Buchan

On 10th June this year, Charlie Barnes took a can of blue paint and daubed the words “all lives matter” across the Royal Air Force Bomber Command Memorial in Green Park. Her misguided attempt at graffiti has earned her a £630 bill from Judge Lucinda Lubbock, in the Westminster Magistrates Court. Ms. Barnes claims that […]

RAF’s $2.6bn Tempest Will Have Its Own ‘Virtual On-Board Assistant’

John Buchan

In 2018 the UK launched the Tempest program with a hefty price tag of around £2 billion. The objective of the program was that the aircraft would be ‘optionally manned’; in other words, they would be able to be flown as drones. The Tempest is intended to come with a shopping list of sixth-generation technology. […]