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20 Interesting Facts About the V-1 Doodlebug


The V-1 flying bomb was the first operational cruise missile, and was used by Germany during WW2. It was also the first in the series of ‘vengeance weapons’ developed by German; unique and advanced creations that were designed to cause retaliatory destruction on enemy cities from long ranges. 1)  The name V-1 stands Vergeltungswaffe-1 in […]

Amazing Facts About The Junkers Ju-87 Stuka


The German Ju-87 Stuka was a purpose built dive bomber and ground attack aircraft, designed in the early 1930s. It first flew in 1935 and was an innovative and unique design. At the time its speed and manoeuvrability were acceptable, but by mid-late WW2 standards they were woefully outclassed by more modern aircraft. Despite this, […]

The “Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing” – Heinkel HE 111 Bomber In Pictures


One of the most distinctive aircraft of WWII was the Heinkel He 111 bomber. Its distinctive shape, prominence in footage from the period, and participation in the Blitz meant it has since become a symbol of Germany’s war machine at the time. It was a bomber from the beginning but was designed in the early […]

Awesome Aircraft From WWII

Boulton Paul Defiant The Defiant was a strange aircraft, without any forward firing armament. The secret weapon of the Defiant was its rear turret. It was originally designed to intercept bombers, with the pilot positioning the aircraft and the gunner firing on the enemy. It was thought splitting the two tasks would allow each one […]

The Last Flying He 111/CASA 2.111 Tragically Crashed in 2003 (Video)


This video is a brief but detailed tour of the interior of the CASA 2.111, a derivative of the Heinkel He 111 built under license in Spain during World War II. This aircraft was the only flying He 111/CASA 2.111 on the planet, until it crashed in 2003, resulting in its complete destruction. The CASA […]

Images of the Unusual Fw-189 Uhu – The Flying Eye of the Luftwaffe


In the years preceding the Second World War, Focke-Wulf, a civil and military aircraft manufacturer, had established themselves as one of the leading companies in the industry. They designed and built some cutting edge designs that would contribute to the German success in the early years of the war. The company is most well known […]

The He 162 Salamander – A Cutting Edge Aircraft That was Too Late


The He 162 Salamander was a later fighter, built with the hopes of bringing victory to Germany even when the writing was clearly on the wall. These desperate attempts at salvation were usually rushed and unfinished, causing them to be even less effective and dooming their war even further. The He 162 was one of […]

Father-son Team of Historians Discovers Long Lost Fw 190 in Rural Czech Republic

John Buchan

In a remarkable feat of historical sleuthing, a father-son team of military historians have located the largely-intact remains of a lost Fw 190, a German WWII fighter shot down over South Bohemia by Allied fighters. The duo from Prague have turned their discovery over to a local museum for safekeeping. Using a combination of satellite […]

Fw 190 – the Bird that Scared the Allies


The Focke-Wulf Fw 190 is widely considered to be the best fighter aircraft produced by the Germans during World War II, and even one of the best fighters produced by any nation during the war. It was a truly feared aircraft, and rightly so. Like many WWII fighters, its origins began in the 1930s. The […]

The Fearsome Fw 190 in 25 Images


The Focke-Wulf Fw 190 is often regarded as the best fighter aircraft produced by the Germans during the war. The Fw 190’s origins began in the 1930s. The German Ministry of Aviation (RLM) had sent a list of their requirements to manufacturers for a fighter plane to compliment the Bf 109, Germany’s new primary fighter. […]

The Top 10 Most Produced Aircraft of WWII

During World War II, manufacturers around the globe partook in history’s greatest production effort, making some of the most produced vehicles in history. Factories went from building automobiles, to building hundreds of bombers per month. At its peak, the Ford Willow Run plant was finishing a B-24 every 60 minutes! The numbers nations can produce […]

19 Awesome Images of WWII Warbirds Cutting the Grass

Humans have existed on Earth for around six million years, and it is strange to think that for only 0.001% of that time, humans have known powered air travel, after the first powered flight of a heavier than air craft by the Wright brothers in 1903. This great invention immediately changed the world, significantly reducing […]